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Satire on Propaganda.png

Untouched Wilderness

NYU, 2017

The construct of the American wilderness only succeeds when one buries the history of those lands beneath the surface. Depicted in my artwork is Yosemite National Park, once home to Miwok, Plains and Sierra Miwok, and Paiute Native Americans. The park itself looks clean, well trimmed, and serene. However, in the bottom right corner lies the history. Just beneath the surface, buried under a pile of dirt, a wooden teepee and a traditional Native American headdress sits in a hole. I intended to depict Yosemite National Park as not just a place for a vacation or step away from city life, but a prime example of historical America’s effort to preserve an inaccurate view of the wilderness. The American wilderness lay home to the frontier spirit; unintentionally, within this frontier spirit is the subordination of Native peoples and their claims to land.

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